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What are the benefits of using a titanium spring over a steel spring?

​The main benefit of using a titanium spring is to save weight. In most cases you will save nearly 0.5lbs, a noticeable difference in weight; making you bike lighter, faster and easier to maneuver! Unlike steel, titanium is also corrosion resistant and does not fatigue so much over long periods of time.

What shock will the spring fit?

Our springs are available in two sizes to fit a wide range of shock absorbers.

Why such a great price?

Our springs come straight from the factory, there is no middle man. Add to the fact we order in bulk, you can begin to understand how we bring you high quality springs at the best prices.

What rate spring do I need?

You can find out what weight spring you need for your bike by using our spring rate calculator below.

How do I know what size stroke my shock is?

Stroke length is measured in inches. Please see the diagram below to see how to measure your shock stroke.