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Scout Gregory 09/01/2019 0 Comments
Sag. It's a strange word but a key term when it comes to suspension setup, and ensuring you have the correct amount of sag on your bike should never be overlooked. Sag is the most important thing to get right when setting up suspension and must be correct before making damper adjustments.

The term ''Sag'' refers to how much your suspension sits into it's travel just by having your body weight on it with both feet off the ground.

Too much sag indicates your suspension is too soft. Suspension that is too soft will result in the suspension reaching full travel too often (bottoming out!) and your bike will feel wallowy and sluggish.

Too little sag indicates your suspension is too hard. Suspension that is too hard will result in the suspension not making full use of it's travel and there will be less grip and increased body fatigue - particuarlly in the arms and legs!

As a general rule for a mountain bike, your sag should be set somewhere between 25% - 30% into the suspensions travel.

How To Set Your Sag

When it comes to your rear shock, you may find it easier to use our spring rate calculator to ensure that you are using the correct rate spring. Our Spring Rate Calculator is works on 25% sag which is correct for almost all full suspension mountain bikes.

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